Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rub a dub dub!

Take me out to the ball game!

We went to my sister Aleesha's softball game and had a lot of fun! She did really well and her team SHOULD HAVE WON! But the ump. was clueless and didn't call something really obvious so they lost by one run that should have been out. All the kids had fun and were very silly, until Hayden bit Holland on the back and made him cry so hard that he passed out! Other than that, it was fun.

Bailee's First Bath!

Yes, I know that sounds terrible, like I have never bathed her or something. This is her first bath in an actual tub! She always takes a bath in the hug sink or just jumps in the shower with Mommy or Daddy. Besides the fact that the bathroom with the tub in it (which no longer has a tub) is under construction and the only thing that resembles a bathroom is a lone toilet! She loved it! She would splash the water and be surprised that it would hit her face. But she would just do it again! It was pretty funny. A video to follow.

Bailee get's her ears peirced! Crying time=15 sec.

While we were in Utah, Bailee got her ears peirced at my uncle's jewelry shop. He had done Codee's when she was 6 months so Bailee was overdue. She started crying the second Blain (my uncle) came and kneeled in front of her. She was scared of him. The actual pain crying only lasted about 5 sec. until I could put her binki in her mouth. She got little tiny pearls and they are so cute!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nick's turn!

Your turn Alexis!


Miller Reunion @ Pine View!

The Miller reunion was SO much fun! (even though I couldn't swim in the lake with my stapples). We all wished that it was longer and enjoyed catching up with those that we hadn't seen in a while. A couple storys:
-Codee thought that we were leaving her Daddy when the boat started going when he was water sking and she started bawling. Alexis and Lance tried sking for the first time and Alexis got up on her first try, but Lance didn't have as good of luck :). Videos to follow.
-Bailee didn't take a proper nap the entire time we were there. She was surprisingly happy most of the time.
-My cousin Brandon got his endowment out! We are proud of you Brandon!
-It was the first time Codee had been on a boat and on a lake. She was a little wary at first but she loved it!
-We were the last boat ride and we had waited ALL DAY to get on and once we finally did, we got out to the middle of the lake and RAN OUT OF GAS! We had to get a ride in and gas up and then we were on our way again.
-We didn't get home till 3 AM!!!
Great fun was had by all!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I LOVE hard narcodics! :)

So, for those of you who didn't know, I have been very sick off and on ever since I had Bailee (9 months ago). For the first 6 or 7 months it was just a yucky, tired feeling that I thought was just my bodies way of deeling with just having a baby (out of shape). So I made a goal to get in shape and to feel better and I was doing pretty well...for about one week, then in the middle of the night I had the worst stomach pain in the middle of the night that I have ever had in my life! Worse than blowing my knee out in High school, worse than food poisoning, worse than LABOR!!! Yes it is true.
Well, it runs in my family that when you turn 30, you have to have your gal bladder taken out. No I am not 30, only 24, so I just wanted to be different I guess and need mine out at 24. But I am getting ahead of myself. I thought it was my gal bladder cuz I had all of the classic symptoms. Well, of course this problem had to wait untill we were inbetween insurances to decide to flair up. So I basically had to suffer for over two monthes with the night time attacks coming unexpectedly. % or 6 in two months, and it would totally wipe me out the next day.
After the attacks started, I worked frantically to get some insurance untill I finnaly did. Then my B-day rolled around and where did I want to go? Burger King! I know it's weird, but I love a good whopper and fries! (just about the only time I eat a fast food hamburger). Of course I have a 'whopper' of an attack that night and this time, it doesn't go away completely! It was like I was having an internal war going on in there and I was helpless! The next day I text Nick at work and tell him that I need to go to the ER, so we call Joe and Lindsey to see if they can babysit the girls, Oh yea, by the way, my parents and Nick's parents are both out of town at the same time! So when we get to the ER I am at the peek of my attack and I can herdly stand up and I am bawling, so Nick has to try and hold me up and fill out stupid papers and answer questions for me. THEY WERE SO STUPID!!! "Ok well have a seat and we will call you when it's your turn." I AM DIEING HERE! I NEED A BED!
So to make an already long story short, 8 hours, a CAT scan, numerouse proding with needles and a urin test later, they tell me that according to the tests, I don't have gal stones or a serious infection to worry about, so they tell me to go home and someone will call me in TWO WEEKS to schedule an ultrasound. It was 3 am so I was just wanting to go home at this point, so we said ok and went home.
The next day was not a good one. The emense pain was gone but my body was not working. I told Nick that I was not ok and I needed help, but that I was NOT going back to that same hospital, so he called and made sure that Redlands hospital took my insurance and they DID! So we got another babysitter and went to the ER again. TOTALLY different experience! They gave us a wheelchair right away and took us in in a matter of minutes! I was in a bed in less than 30 min. and hooked to an IV with DRUGS shortly therafter. Sweet nectar! And they gave me an ultrasound and I was told that I have SEVERAL stones, it was VERY infected and enlarged and that my gal bladder was basically a solid because of all of the sludge. I was able to rest semi-comfortably until they could get me a room to myself and a spot on the schedule for surgery.
I was SO scared though! I had never had any kind of surgery or been put under. Now I know these sort of things are done all the time, but that didn't make me feel any better. They came to give me more 'pain meds' (the knock out drugs)right before they wheeled me in. I was crying and saying goodbye to Nick (he had to pry me off of him) as they wheeled me through the doors and then BLACK.
Now this is the funny part (according to Nick). When I was starting to come to I was semi awake and I was hilusinating, not a fun feeling. I said to Nick, "Everything is clay, it's all clay". I remember this and I knew it wasn't real but it was terrifying. The whole world was melting and mushing around like clay whenever I closed my eyes, which was almost all the time since I wasn't able to open my eyes for quite some time. Yes Nick still laughs about it.
I just got the stapples out on monday (that hurt)so I now have 4 lovely scars on my belly and I feel great and can now try to get back to my life.
Good story hu? Sorry it was so long but I had to tell the whole story! :) Thanks to all of you who helped us get through this. Babysitters, dinner bringers, perscription picker-upers and those of you who prayed for us. Thanx!

Silly Poser! No pun intended. Bailee was loving Codee's muddy dance!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, several people have told me that i need a new blog entry. I KNOW PEOPLE! I have been sick, in the hospital, bed ridden, out of town, recovering from our vacation and my Mom and brother have been hoarding the computers! So I was able to get on for a few minutes today to tell you all that I will be adding more posts soon because...WE ARE GETTING INTERNET ON OUR COMPUTER!!! I will be free to use my own comp. to blog till my hearts content!