Monday, June 30, 2008

My baby is getting so BIG!!!

So, Bailee has changed so much in the past month that I almost cry to think that my baby is growing up. She has: sat up unassisted, crawled, sat up from a crawl, pulled herself up to the couch, and her bed and swing and my leg and chairs and anything else that is taller than her. She also gave us quite a scare the other day.
I put her to bed early because she was just beside herself. She had also leared how to throw tantrums that day (yes my 7 month old baby throws full blown, thrash on the floor throw her head back, kicking and flailing tantrums). So she proceeded to throw a whopper when I put her to bed, and I told Nick to remind me to go check on her in about 30 minutes to make sure she was asleep. Well, I checked on her later and she was sound asleep! So I went back to watch the rest of our movie. When we went to bed, almost 3 hours later, we snuck into the room and Nick went to get onto the bed but he kicked something warm and soft and about jumped through the roof. When he realized what it was he scooped Bailee up in a panic and SHE about jumped through the roof cuz she was asleep. She had climbed out of her bed, across our bed and fell on the floor and halfway under our bed fell asleep. Who knows how long she was screaming!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Biker Chicks!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bailee Stands Up!

This is what I saw this morning when I turned around to get Bailee. She is only 7 months and she can pull herself up in her bed! She is so cute and fun and we all enjoy watching her grow more every day! Those dimples just drive me crazy, in a good way! It just makes me sad how fast she is growing up. It seems like its twice as fast as Codee did. I guess I just have more going on to not notice how much time has past.


So Codee woke up from her nap one day and her Daddy had bought her the funnest present she had ever seen...her very own POOL!!! This isn't a video of the first time she swam in it cuz Bailee was asleep the first time. She has SO much fun in it every time and she wakes up each morning asking to go swim.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Knotts Berry Farm!!!

We went to Knotts for Nick's Dad's company party again this year. It was so much fun and we could enjoy it more now that Codee is a little bigger. And I had more fun because I wasn't prego this time. Rides that she was just a little too small for last year were just right this year. She had a blast and can't stop talking about it to everyone. We hope we keep going back every year!

Silly performers!

We were all laughing so hard that our sides and cheeks hurt! I just get a kick out of their random craziness.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Crazy bushman dance!

This is the dance that the African bushman children do when they are playing together in the movie, "The gods must be crazy" and Nick and his brother and sister were being VERY silly one night and decided to do this dance. For all of you who don't believe me when I tell you that Nick is a you go! They only stopped because Amy hit her elbow on the doorknob. Ouch!