Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes, I know it has been a year!

I know it has been over a year since I have posted ANYTHING! Life has been wild and crazy and I just plain didn't feel like posting. Ha ha! I won't make any promises that I will be keeping up on the blog from now on, just a, "I will try." (It's not like anyone looks at my blog anyway.) A lot has happened this past year and there is NO way that I can play catchup. Maybe I will just put the girls' b day pics up or something.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My lil' bro got married!

My little brother (who is way taller than me) got married on Aug. 7th 2009 in the Mt. Timpanogus Temple! It was a very nice session and ALL of his sisters were bawling their eyes out! We are all very happy that he met such a great girl (Sarah) and we wish them the best. It's just so weird to stop and think about. Lance, MARRIED! A husband! But then again, I still find it shocking when I remember that I have been married for 5 years as of last week and have THREE KIDS!!! I'm not old enough for such things! And then I remember that I am 25!!! as of July! Time marches on. But for me it seems more like a sprint.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sydnee Mae Gilsen~ 8lbs. 4oz.~ June 22, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cousins at play!

Out of the blue one day it was actually WARM enough to go to the park! The kids were so excited to get out of the house and so were the grownups too for that matter. So we packed everyone up and we all walked across the street to the park. Three 3yr olds, one almost 2yr old, a 16month'r, one newborn and five adults. A great time was had by all and everyone got a little rosy sunburn. And then the next day it snowed!!! The weather was so crazy the whole trip.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swim, swim, swim!

So, my niece Alexis has A LOT of swim caps, so one night the cousins (minus Aleesha's kids) decided to each put one on. They were laughing and giggling (except Bailee, I think I pulled her hair putting it on). So from Bailee going left we have: Bailee, Brayden, Kaylee, Cameron, Codee, Alexis, Sierra, McKay, and Shawn. We are missing: Hayden, Holland, LaKai, and baby Zoe.
WOW! Our family has grown!

Alexis and Sierra are excellent swimmers and are both on the swim team. They had a few swim meets while we were there so the girls, my sister Jenni, and I went to cheer them on! It was fun, but they couldn't even hear us cheering. They are the ones with the green caps on.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How our trip started...

So...we had plans, and plane tickets, to go to Utah for the birth of my sister Aleesha's 4th child and first girl, baby Zoe Elizabeth Molino. Our flight was for Friday night, March 6th, and she was to be born by C-section on Monday morning the 9th of March. Well, Thursday morning Aleesha calls my mom and says that she is in bed and is not feeling very dandy. She said that it felt like she was having cramps that plague most women once a month, only much worse. I knew right away how she felt and what was going on. "That is exactly how my labor contractions feel Aleesha." I told her. My mom told her that she should probably go get things checked out to be safe, so she left the boys with Zack's sister who was visiting, and helping out at the time, and went to the hospital. They monitored her for a while, but she said that she wasn't feeling what she felt that morning. Well soon the same cramping came back and she told the nurse that this was what she was feeling and the nurse said that she was definitely having a contraction. The doctor was paged but he was in surgery and couldn't be reached at that moment. The nurse told Aleesha that he might just want to take the baby today since it was his surgery day anyway. Cue 'PANIC MODE' for Aleesha and US who might miss the birth by ONE DAY!!!
Yes, you guessed it, the Doctor said that he would take the baby at 3:30 and they took Aleesha's ice chips and water away, much to her disappointment because she hadn't eaten or drank anything that day just in case she had to have the baby.
AAHHHH!!!! We missed it by one lousy day! My mom was even more upset because the doctor had told Aleesha that my mom could be in the operating room for the delivery. She hasn't been there for any of Aleesha's deliveries because they have all been C-section.
Baby Zoe was here and healthy and VERY hungry! 6 lbs. 20in. She is the sweetest and cutest baby and she has lots of dark brown, curly hair. Her big brothers just adore her and are so cute and gentle with her. LaKai (turning 2, May 1st) is SO cute with her and talks to her all the time and we just think it's adorable the way he says, "Baby sister" and "Zoe" and swoons over her every chance he gets.

I was also very pleasantly surprised that Bailee was so good with the baby and gentle (in Bailee terms that is!) She tried really hard anyway.Codee thought she was just SO CUTE!!! And said so to everyone she met and told them about her cute new cousin Baby Zoe!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Pictures!!!

THE worst picture experience to date. Bailee was not having anything to do with sitting for pictures and Codee was done after the first 30 minutes. Before we got started I told the picture lady that my girls respond really well to silliness and they both have dimples that I would like to see in their pictures. She said that that was fine and that she was glad to know and that it would help. So, what does she do to be silly and get my girls' attention? Sits on the floor and taps her fingernails against the lens of the camera while she is calling Bailee's name. She did not move from that spot and she was definitely NOT silly, cuz I know silly when I see it and that was NOT silly! So I start trying to get Bailee and Codee to smile by doing some things that I know they like and they would smile at to try to maybe show the girls what to do, but did she try any of them...NO, so they would smile the first few times, but at me, not the camera, so that didn't do any good. Needless to say...I got really frustrated, really fast. I'm just glad that I didn't snap at the picture girl, cuz I wanted to, and I almost did. (My patience isn't what it used to be these days.)
I was amazed that we got such good pictures in the end, cuz I didn't think that there were going to be any of Bailee that I liked. It's just a good thing that it's almost impossible for my girls to look bad in a picture, or ever. We decided that we would always schedule our pictures for the weekend from now on because there will be two girls there to help instead of just one girl to do it all. Cuz, I guess I can't be TOO hard on her. It would be really hard to get two kids to look and smile and hold the camera and snap the picture, but I know that it is possible, so we will see about next time, probably when the baby comes we will need new family pictures and sister pictures!


So, for Christmas this year, my wonderful, hott, awesome, thoughtful, sweet, gem of a husband gave me a dream come true gift. Tickets to go see Phantom!!! Now, this might not seem like a huge deal to some, but it was a HUGE deal to me. I was emotional this Christmas to begin with (announcing that I was pregnant) so when I opened that present and saw those tickets, let's just say I totally lost it. I screamed and grabbed Nick and sobbed uncontrollably. No, seriously, bawled, into his shoulder with a death grip on him with no sign of me letting go for a while.
My parents saw Phantom when I was little and they bought the soundtrack and we listened to it ALL the time. So I have grown up loving the music and the story. I thought that you had to be rich or something to go to the opera. So it was something that I always wanted to see but never thought I would get the chance. So you can only imagine how I felt when I found out that 'I' was actually going!!!
The day finally came and I couldn't be more excited. Even with a bad cold trying to smash me down, I was sky high with excitement. I felt like a little girl, going to Disneyland for the first time. We got there a little early, which I was glad for because the line for the bathroom was ridiculous and I REALLY needed to go before the show. I was taking pictures of everything like I was a tourist that had never been to LA. The theater was beautiful and inside the hall was even cooler...yes, I said, cooler!

The orchestra started to play that familiar tune and I about jumped out of my seat. The auction started and when the chandelier went up I started bawling again. (I'm 5 months pregnant ok, give me a break!) Although, I think that I might have cried anyway with the way I feel about Phantom. Everything was VERY well done and the sets and costumes were amazing down to every detail. The singing was top notch and it just blew me away to be there listening to something so beautiful coming from actual people right in front of me.
I texted my mom when it was starting and she texted back and asked how it was..."A dream come true." And that just sums it up.
After, we went to Olive Garden for dinner and that was fun too. Mmm...the bread sticks! Nick and I don't get to go on many dates by ourselves anymore, so it was nice to have half a day to just be together and to actually be able to TALK to each other. It was lovely, but we still missed our girls, so we went home to them much to their excitement.
I just want to gush about my hubby for a minute:
I LOVE him SO much and he is the perfect man for me! I truly believe that he is the only one that could put up with me and my 'Rachel isms'. He is thoughtful and kind and shares most of my opinions, so we get along quite well.:) I love him, I love him, I love him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday # 2 and 3!

Well, Codee's birthday celebrations happened a little differently than normal this year. Since her birthday fell on a Sunday we decided to do her 'party,' for lack of a better word, on Saturday and Monday. On Saturday we took her to Ontario Mills Mall, to Build-A-Bear to make a friend! Just a little background: My sister Jenni gave Bailee a B-A-Bear for Cmas and I could totally tell that Codee wanted one really badly. So it worked out perfectly that I wanted to take her there anyway.

When the stroller pulled up to the store and she had a blank stare I explained to her that she was going to make a Bear like Bailee's. Her face lit up instantly and I knew she understood. For a stuffed animal with about 3 sq. inches of clothes, they sure are expensive, so I wanted to tell Codee what her range of spending was. I gathered the 'less expensive' bears that she could choose from and of course she went straight to the more expensive ones. Once she understood that she was not going to get the expensive bear 'that should have been leafed in gold judging by it's price', she decided on a cute brown bear.

We waited in line and finally it was our turn to stuff our bear. Codee was sort-of in a daze, I don't think she quite knew why she was doing the things she was doing. Then she gave her bear an air bath and it was time to pick out her outfit. Well, wonderfully smart me forgot one small have to put the sound in the bear BEFORE they sew it up! I thought all was lost and we would have to buy a new bear, but I asked the worker if there was anything we could do and he acted like it wasn't a big deal. So he just did a little 'operation' on the bears arm and she was as good as new. Codee ended up choosing a Tinker Bell costume for her bear to match her bed set and it was perfect!!! She named her bear Heart, "cuz she loves her so much."

Then a bit more shopping and we were off to Rain forest Cafe for her special Bday dinner. It was the first time that Codee and I had been there so we were pretty excited. We sat by a wall that had water dripping from the ceiling and fog rising from it. Bailee said that it was hot. Every so often the animals that are all over the restaurant come to life and move and make sounds. Codee thought that was cool but was a little nervous and didn't want to touch them even when they were not moving.

When we were all done with our dinner the waiters came and brought Codee an ice cream sunday and sang to her. Bailee still thinks that we are singing to her every time we sing Happy Birthday. All in all it was a really fun day and Codee is SO in love with her Bear. She says she is going to get a little mermaid costume for her bear next time.

Mommy and Daddy gave their presents on her actual birthday and she loved them. Then we went to church and she wore a little badge that said, "Birthday Girl!"

Then on Monday night we had our family/friend cake and ice cream party. Codee's little friend Melody and her family were supposed to come to Build-A-Bear with us but her sister was really sick so they couldn't but they were able to come on Monday. And Jared, Amanda and Nathan Himle, Sheryl and James (Nick's aunt and cousin), Joe and Lindsey, Gr and Gr Miller and Gr and Gr Gilsen were all there! We ate pizza and cake and ice cream, opened MORE presents and visited and played. Codee loved having a three day Bday and thought that her Bday would go on forever. She is so proud to say that she is "Free" (three) and never messes up and says that she is two. She says, " I am free for my birthday! And Bailee is One for her birthday!" My sweet baby Codee is getting SO big and grown up. We love her SO much and she is a joy to be around. LOVE YOU COLIPOKI!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Three years ago, on Jan. 11th, two nervous parents-to-be checked in to the hospital where they would welcome their new baby girl into the world. They hadn't slept a wink the night before but they were too excited to feel tired.
Twenty hours, with three hours of pushing, a failed epidural, several vomits, coming out sideways, having to use the vacuum and zero sleep later, when she (a whopping 9lb Codee) finally decided to come, you had better believe they were tired! There to witness our miracle where, Daddy and Mommy (of course) Grma Miller, and my sister Heather. They handed her to me and I could barely hold onto her (she was huge and I was exhausted) and I had to have Nick hold my head up so I could see her. All I could manage to say between sobs was, "She's big." And then they had to take her to get cleaned up and clean me up.
After they checked her out and gave her a good rub down, they handed her to me again and I just stared into her eyes and we got acquainted with each other. Until my body was going into shock and I was going to throw up again, then Nick had to take her quick. I wasn't really 'there' for a long time after that and I don't really remember a whole lot of what went on and I didn't even hold her until the next day when I tried to feed her for the first time. ( No we didn't just starve her, Nick gave her a little bit of a bottle).
She was, and is still, our little princess and we love her SO much. Love you Colipokie!
*(gross and gruesome details were left out to save the faint of heart from a very embarrassing reaction.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December Happenings...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas,Catch up, really long post...

Well! Where to start. Things have been SO crazy lately that there has been zero time to post anything. So here is a little bit of what we have been up to:

NICK- Work of course, Acing his classes and signing up for new ones, using his birthday present (chainsaw) pruning trees, being crazy, playing with his girls (who adore him) and enjoying some well deserved and needed time off.

Rachel- Being a mom (enough said).

Codee- She was so, so excited for Christmas to come and for two of my sisters, Jenni and Shannon, to come. Playing with and sometimes tormenting her little sister (more the later with the lack of sleep we have endured). Turning 3 in a week!!! Helping everyone with whatever she can. Singing, dancing, 'posing', and being crazy with Daddy.

Bailee- Turning ONE in Nov! Walking!!! Being so cute that we can't even stand it. Making the funniest faces and sounds. Learning to be crazy with Codee and Daddy. Taking care of her dolly (giving her a rock-a-by, giving her her binki). Learning new signs, words and concepts every day. Being VERY strong willed, ie tantrums, taking a swing or two at me, screaming (oh the screaming!). Loving her Daddy.

We spent it with family and just enjoyed being together!

Nick's presents- A NEW SUIT! A double stroller(kind of a family gift but he loved playing around with it). An external hard drive, New Blue tooth cuz our other ones don't work very well. A hoodie, movies and more.

Rachel's presents- TICKETS TO PHANTOM!!! I totally lost it when I opened that box. A cricut machine and stuff to go with it. Disney Scene it. Movies and more.

Codee's presents- A BIG GIRL BED!!! (finally) with silky Tinkerbell bedding set. A princess castle. A doll that she can change her clothes by herself. Clothes. Magic coloring books and a HUGE coloring book. Movies and more.

Bailee's presents- A cute pink and brown bedding set to go on her new crib that was passed down from Codee. A Noah's ark with animals. Twin dolls. Clothes. Huge coloring book. A teddy bear that sings her song to her when you squeeze it's paw (Aunt Jenni sings). Movies and more.

But, I would have to say that the best present this year was shirts for Codee and Bailee that said, "I'm going to be a BIG sister!" and...a BIG sister Again!"
Yes, we are expecting our THIRD baby in June. I have never been able to surprise Nick before (because the other babies were planned) and I just can't keep that a secret. So when I found out for sure I decided that I was going to try and wait until Christmas to tell him. OH MY GOODNESS THAT WAS HARD!!! I thought for sure he suspected, what with the moodiness, getting up in the night to go to the bathroom and the prenatal in the cabinet. But he was totally clueless!!! My mom and Lance new cuz they found the test, but everyone else was pleasantly surprised ( Due to the fact that the plan was to wait a little longer this time.)
All in all, we had a GREAT Christmas and an uneventful New Year. We just put the kids to bed and Nick and I watched a movie.
Hope you all had as good of a holiday as we did.
Love, The Gilsens!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Codee in HSM3

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Early stages of Bailee learning to walk