Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Baby is getting SO big!!!

Bailee is growing up so fast it makes me want to cry. I just want her to stay tiny! Well she has other plans on her mind. She just all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago decided she liked to walk. (She has refused in the past). Well one night she was really wired and was taking a lot of steps before she would lung for Nick or I. She got up to 6 steps. She is just way too hyper to slow down and concentrate on walking.

Also, the 17th was her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! My baby is ONE! A whole year! We had a party for her on Sat. and she had so much fun. She wouldn't eat her cake though. She just looked at it and smiled. Then I showed her how to pick it up and she started to eat it, VERY slowly and lady like. I can't believe it has been a whole year since she came to our family. She was so eager and ready to come that she couldn't even wait till my mom got there. They broke my water then when I got to about a 5 they gave me my epidural and I called my mom and told her that she batter get down here. It seemed like just a few minutes untill they checked me and I was TOTALLY ready! And she was comming by herself! The nurse said, " Oh my, it's time! Lets start pushing!" "Ummm, my family is on there way, they will be here in less than 10 min. can't i just not push until they get here?" She said," She would come by herself anyway." "What? I've never heard such a thing. I had to push for three hours with my first." Nurse: " Well she is comming, like now." So they got me all ready as I called my mom and said HURRY! Nick and I were trying to decide how he was going to video and take pictures and help me. They told me ok push. So I did. Nurse: "STOP PUSHING! DOCTOR!!! YOU NEED TO GET IN HERE QUICK!" As she is litterally holding Bailee's head in so she can't come out. The Dr. comes jogging in and franticly tries to put on his gloves and assume his position. Two pushes and she was here. Totally perfect in every way. I called my mom and told her, " You missed it, she is here!" Mom: "What?! We are in the parking lot getting out of the car." Me:"Well, you missed it."

So, in the 10 min. it took for my Mom to drive to the hospital I had my cute little Bailee. And her personality fits her 'rushed' arrival to this world. She never stops going and she is always all over the place and wants to be big like her big sister Codee. She has brought such a warm and fun feeling to our family and we all can't stop kissing, hugging, smiling, and laughing at her. She makes the cutest faces, it helps that she has double dimples.

We LOVE you Bailee Boo!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, the CHAOS!

Halloween was a crazy, stressful, fun night! I always have big plans for what I am going to do for Halloween and I ALWAYS run out of time! By the end of the night I am always vowing to: Be more prepared next year, make time for Nick and I to dress up, and not be so rushed! This year was no different. I carved my pumpkin while the girls were taking a nap. Nick tried to carve his but it was brick hard! He couldn't even shove a butcher knife into it! I don't know what the deal was with that pumpkin, but he gave up before he even got started and I dont blame him! Codee and Bailee never got to carve their pumpkins (NO TIME)! So Codee wakes up from her nap and I start right away to get her ready. Curling, poofing, spraying, pinning, licking, pretty much whatever it took to make her hair do what I wanted it to do. Then I put her makup on. Let me just tell you, it is REALLY hard to pu tmakeup on an almost 3 year old. She kept squeezing her eyes shut! Then I had to put her dress on and try to bobby pin it in the back so her little mosquito bits in front (if you know what I mean) dont show! And then came the crown! It is an adult crown so I had to try and pin it so it wouldn't fall off mid night.
Few! Then I jumped in the shower ( cuz all that preperation required persperation) and rush to the church getting there an hour late and only just in time for the costume parade. Bailee won an awesom costume award for her Nemo costume. Then it was rush outside for the trunk or treat! One time around and we were done.
Then we went to my Grandpa and Shirly's to show off the girls' costumes. After a quick visit, it was off to Nick's parents house. Another quike visit and we were off to the Scolieri's (I used to Nanny for them). Another quick visit and it was 11:00, time to go home and fall into bed! And that is exactly what we did, and stayed there for as long as possible. (until Bailee woke us up in the morning.)
So, next year, I want to have the pumpkins carved BEFORE Halloween, Have enough time for Nick and I to dress up, and get to the church on time for thr trunk or treat. Now let's see if it happens next year! :0)