Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 27th ~Mom's B DAY!~

Codee's movie outfit! We didn't have the camera at the theater to video her dancing. Aw sad.
Monday was my mom's birthday! We won't mention how OLD she is...let's just say, it's old! :) She always ruins any surprises that I try to plan on her b day or mothers day. I planned to not say anything to her that day until i was to present my surprise, so she thought I forgot. Well at about noon she blurts out, "So do I have to ask you?" "Ask me what?" "Ask you to tell me Happy Birthday?" "MOM, YOU ALWAYS DO THAT! YOU ALWAYS JUST RUIN IT!" "Well! It's noon and you haven't said anything!"
A few days ago she had mentioned that High School Musical came out and that it would be fun to see it on 'the big screen'. So I researched the times and everything online, I also arranged for a babysitter for Bailee and checked to see if Codee would be free or if we would have to pay the kids price, ($7.50!!!) She is still free till she is three! So I called my Dad at work and told him that Mom wanted to see it and that we should go. He said, "OK, do you have some tickets?" "Yes." I replied. "It's all taken care of. I will make dinner and we will try to make it for the 7:10 showing."
Everything was going as planned, until, my mom said something about needing to hurry and do her errands so she can make it to the movie. "What movie?" I said. "High School Musical!" She said. "What are you talking about?" I said. "Dad just called and asked me if I wanted to go see it tonight." AHHHHHHH!!!! I didn't really scream. But I did inside! I told her, " What if I already had plans?" She said, "Well then you had better speak now or forever hold your peace!" So I go outside and call my Dad to tell him that he is a pathetic looser for ruining my surprise. He said, "You never said anything about it being a surprise!" "I thought it was understood! Hence all the sneaking and whispering and the thought of a 'BIRTHDAY SURPRISE'!" So he said, "Great, so now she will know that it wasn't my idea?" "Um ya!" Ruin my surprise and then try to take my credit!
So I went back into my mom's room and said, "That was my surprise plan!"
We didn't make it to the 7:10 but we were there early for the 7:40. We loved it and Codee had a blast! We always sneak in some candy and I think Codee had a little too much, cuz she was bouncing off the walls by the end of the movie! She is such a mini Sharpay Evens! She was dancing all over the place up and down the isle, there was only one other family in there so she had plenty of room. She loves to dance and sing and so she absolutely LOVES musicals! It was funny, at the end of one song Troy and Gabriella kiss, so Codee yells, "THEY'RE KISSING!!!" It was quite funny.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Princess (Codee) Anneliese!!!

It's finally HERE!!! Codee (and Mommy) has been waiting for her costume for AGES! She would ask me every day if she could call Heather to ask how her costume was coming along. Heather thought it was just me calling to harass her, but it really was Codee. My sister Heather has slaved over a sewing machine for many hours because of me. When she was in her High School sewing class she would make all kinds of outfits for me and my little brother and we even modeled them at her fashion shows. Throughout my childhood she would make me various things and her talent got better and better. When I was engaged to be married there was no one else I would have trusted to make my wedding dress. Besides the fact that I couldn't find one single dress that I liked that didn't cost an arm and a leg. So my sister and I custom designed my wedding dress and it was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
Then, when I found out I was going to have a little girl, who was the first person I thought of to make a blessing dress?....Heather! So with the left over fabric from my wedding dress, she made the cutest little dress for my Codee. And then she made one for Bailee too. She said I better stop having girls or there wont be enough fabric left.
So, this year Codee has really been into the Barbie Princess movies, so I asked Heather (months and months ago) if she would be willing to make Codee's costume, she said yes, but that we would have to wait till the fabric sales came. She has been having morning sickness lately so she got started a little late and she has been working on costumes for the past 2 weeks straight! Codee's, as well as her own 5 kids. They all turned out GREAT! Codee was told that her costume was coming in the mail and that she was going to get a package with HER name on it. She was So excited to day when she opened the door and saw it (after checking several times). She absolutely loves it and didn't want to take it off, EVER!
Thank you SO MUCH Heather for all of your hard work and long hours. We will take very good care of it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The unwelcome guest!

So Sandy our dog was barking like crazy the other day, so I went to go see what the big deal was and as I oppened the slidding glass door I looked down and saw this furry little friend. Yes, I freaked out, got the willies, and ran to get Nick. He is not a 'kill every virmin like a macho man' man. He said,"What do you want me to do about it?" "Catch it!" I said. "Take it far away from me! Squish it, whatever you want to do, just get rid of it."

Well he did catch it and he put it in a storage tote untill he could take it to a field in the morning. Well Codee wanted to see it really bad so we let her and she said," Mommy, I don't want to hold it." (I have had her hold 'nice' bugs before like rolly pollys and caterpillars) So I told her, " you dont have to hold it sweetie, It is gross hu?" "YES" she said.

All day Codee told everyone what Daddy had caught and the whole story about it. So when My brother Lance came home from work she told him and asked if he wanted to see it. He picked her up and they went out to take a look. He came back a minute later with a soaked shirt.......Codee had wet all over him when she saw the tarantula! I guess it caught her off guard or startled her or something! We all had a good laugh after that! You might not be able to tell, but his whole side is wet.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My little pumpkins! The best in the patch!

So Codee was way tired because she refused to take a nap that day and fell asleep two minutes before we left for the pumpkin patch. She really did have fun and was talking all about it to everyone for days after. Most of her pictures do not show that she was having a fun time. Even ridding the pony (something that she has been talking about wanting to do for as long as she could talk) her face was straight. It was quite disappointing on my end, and for $6.00 a ride she was supposed to be hysterical with joy and excitement!
All in all, it was fun and Codee got to pick her own pumpkin by herself ( we were hoping she would want the little ones) she did pick a small one, but it was the really short green and orange ones, so she wont be able to carve it. We tried to talk her into an 'original' pumpkin that even had some green on it, but she had made up her mind and there was no changing it. She also thought that she could get as many as she wanted, so she started filling up the wagon. She disappointed when we told her that she could only have one.
Bailee's favorite part was chewing (gumming) the stem of her pumpkin. I don't know why, but this time I let her do it. Nick was shocked by this, but it made for a really cute picture. Bailee wore the same outfit that Codee wore on her first Halloween, so we tried to reenact the same picture, Bailee is a lot smaller than Codee was and we had a much bigger pumpkin, so Bailee looks tiny!
It was quite an interesting trip to the pumpkin patch to say the least.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Freezing At the beach!

So we decided to go to the beach one more time before it got too cold, and then the temperature dropped a few days before our planed trip. I was so sad, and so was Codee. We went anyway and still had fun. Bailee was a little pop sickle but she was still smiling and happy (until she wasn't). Nick's mom and cousin Jody and her two kids went with us too. We didn't get in the water but we all had fun making sand castles and pictures in the sand. Even most of the surfers chickened out and decided it was too cold to get in the water. One guy stood on the beach in a full body wet suit for a really long time, stretching, checking out his board, checking out the waves, until I asked him if he was psyching himself out to get in. He said, "Yeah, I don't think I will." And he left.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A blast from the past!

So, I just went through all of our memory sticks and put them on our computer so I could have them at my disposal. It was SO much fun looking at pictures that I haven't seen for a long time. These first few pictures are of Codee's 1st Halloween.

And these are of her 1st and 2nd Bday!

And when she was born! Yes, her head was very cone-like. And she was way swollen.

Bailee isn't quite old enough to have 'old' pictures!