Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How our trip started...

So...we had plans, and plane tickets, to go to Utah for the birth of my sister Aleesha's 4th child and first girl, baby Zoe Elizabeth Molino. Our flight was for Friday night, March 6th, and she was to be born by C-section on Monday morning the 9th of March. Well, Thursday morning Aleesha calls my mom and says that she is in bed and is not feeling very dandy. She said that it felt like she was having cramps that plague most women once a month, only much worse. I knew right away how she felt and what was going on. "That is exactly how my labor contractions feel Aleesha." I told her. My mom told her that she should probably go get things checked out to be safe, so she left the boys with Zack's sister who was visiting, and helping out at the time, and went to the hospital. They monitored her for a while, but she said that she wasn't feeling what she felt that morning. Well soon the same cramping came back and she told the nurse that this was what she was feeling and the nurse said that she was definitely having a contraction. The doctor was paged but he was in surgery and couldn't be reached at that moment. The nurse told Aleesha that he might just want to take the baby today since it was his surgery day anyway. Cue 'PANIC MODE' for Aleesha and US who might miss the birth by ONE DAY!!!
Yes, you guessed it, the Doctor said that he would take the baby at 3:30 and they took Aleesha's ice chips and water away, much to her disappointment because she hadn't eaten or drank anything that day just in case she had to have the baby.
AAHHHH!!!! We missed it by one lousy day! My mom was even more upset because the doctor had told Aleesha that my mom could be in the operating room for the delivery. She hasn't been there for any of Aleesha's deliveries because they have all been C-section.
Baby Zoe was here and healthy and VERY hungry! 6 lbs. 20in. She is the sweetest and cutest baby and she has lots of dark brown, curly hair. Her big brothers just adore her and are so cute and gentle with her. LaKai (turning 2, May 1st) is SO cute with her and talks to her all the time and we just think it's adorable the way he says, "Baby sister" and "Zoe" and swoons over her every chance he gets.

I was also very pleasantly surprised that Bailee was so good with the baby and gentle (in Bailee terms that is!) She tried really hard anyway.Codee thought she was just SO CUTE!!! And said so to everyone she met and told them about her cute new cousin Baby Zoe!