Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Pictures!!!

THE worst picture experience to date. Bailee was not having anything to do with sitting for pictures and Codee was done after the first 30 minutes. Before we got started I told the picture lady that my girls respond really well to silliness and they both have dimples that I would like to see in their pictures. She said that that was fine and that she was glad to know and that it would help. So, what does she do to be silly and get my girls' attention? Sits on the floor and taps her fingernails against the lens of the camera while she is calling Bailee's name. She did not move from that spot and she was definitely NOT silly, cuz I know silly when I see it and that was NOT silly! So I start trying to get Bailee and Codee to smile by doing some things that I know they like and they would smile at to try to maybe show the girls what to do, but did she try any of them...NO, so they would smile the first few times, but at me, not the camera, so that didn't do any good. Needless to say...I got really frustrated, really fast. I'm just glad that I didn't snap at the picture girl, cuz I wanted to, and I almost did. (My patience isn't what it used to be these days.)
I was amazed that we got such good pictures in the end, cuz I didn't think that there were going to be any of Bailee that I liked. It's just a good thing that it's almost impossible for my girls to look bad in a picture, or ever. We decided that we would always schedule our pictures for the weekend from now on because there will be two girls there to help instead of just one girl to do it all. Cuz, I guess I can't be TOO hard on her. It would be really hard to get two kids to look and smile and hold the camera and snap the picture, but I know that it is possible, so we will see about next time, probably when the baby comes we will need new family pictures and sister pictures!


Kris said...

Very cute kids and very cute pictures!! getting your family pictures alway is a BIG pain. Even when they get older. Then they complain about what you want them to wear.

Andy & Yolanda said...

Lookin' good:) I hope to see you soon!