Sunday, January 18, 2009


Three years ago, on Jan. 11th, two nervous parents-to-be checked in to the hospital where they would welcome their new baby girl into the world. They hadn't slept a wink the night before but they were too excited to feel tired.
Twenty hours, with three hours of pushing, a failed epidural, several vomits, coming out sideways, having to use the vacuum and zero sleep later, when she (a whopping 9lb Codee) finally decided to come, you had better believe they were tired! There to witness our miracle where, Daddy and Mommy (of course) Grma Miller, and my sister Heather. They handed her to me and I could barely hold onto her (she was huge and I was exhausted) and I had to have Nick hold my head up so I could see her. All I could manage to say between sobs was, "She's big." And then they had to take her to get cleaned up and clean me up.
After they checked her out and gave her a good rub down, they handed her to me again and I just stared into her eyes and we got acquainted with each other. Until my body was going into shock and I was going to throw up again, then Nick had to take her quick. I wasn't really 'there' for a long time after that and I don't really remember a whole lot of what went on and I didn't even hold her until the next day when I tried to feed her for the first time. ( No we didn't just starve her, Nick gave her a little bit of a bottle).
She was, and is still, our little princess and we love her SO much. Love you Colipokie!
*(gross and gruesome details were left out to save the faint of heart from a very embarrassing reaction.)

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Jennifer Miller said...

Oh Poke!!!! Don't forget Aunt Jenni was there in the room too!! :o) On the speaker phone being very quiet so that the doctors wouldn't know I was listening! HeeHee! :o)