Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swim, swim, swim!

So, my niece Alexis has A LOT of swim caps, so one night the cousins (minus Aleesha's kids) decided to each put one on. They were laughing and giggling (except Bailee, I think I pulled her hair putting it on). So from Bailee going left we have: Bailee, Brayden, Kaylee, Cameron, Codee, Alexis, Sierra, McKay, and Shawn. We are missing: Hayden, Holland, LaKai, and baby Zoe.
WOW! Our family has grown!

Alexis and Sierra are excellent swimmers and are both on the swim team. They had a few swim meets while we were there so the girls, my sister Jenni, and I went to cheer them on! It was fun, but they couldn't even hear us cheering. They are the ones with the green caps on.

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